At InternetMarketingOasis I provide the most needed marketing products a marketer needs to become successful. Further on you get marketing product reviews, valuable internet marketing articles from top marketers and much more from somebody who already has achieved his goals and can work this in full-time basis.

My intention to create this website is to save your time and money while searching products to build a website / optimize your existing website, increase website traffic or your subscribers list, increase sales or simple make money more effectively.

By using the "Quick Search" feature you can find your needed product in shortest time. As soon as a new marketing product appears which could help you to market the successful way it will be added to the marketing product directory.

I recommend to bookmark this website to find back to this resource the quickest way.

Organize Your Online Business Or You Will Lose Too Much Of Your Valuable Time, so...

"Now... It's Easier Than Ever to
have ONE CLICK Access to all
Resources You Need for Running
a Successful Business"

Other Marketers Could Show You Some of these Resources too but this Toolbar Provides Instant Access to ALL of them!

" I enjoy much more benefits and functionalities than many other toolbars and softwares combined! "

Hi Dirk,

Your IMO Toolbar is incredible!

Now I don't have to install Alexa Toolbar, Google Toolbar, and all other toolbars that are clogging up my computer screen.

I only have your IMO Toolbar on my browser, yet I enjoy much more benefits and functionalities than many other toolbars and softwares combined!

This is absolutely brilliant!

I love it!

- Michael Lee
Author of "How to be a Red Hot Persuasion Wizard"

Dear Friend and Future Time Saving Marketer:

You will be amazed!...I guarantee it.

Do you know the situation that you have saved hundreds of bookmarks at your browser but you have no overview where to find the needed one?

You own several ebooks with many recommended resources for your business but you don't know how to organize them to have quick access to those resources?

What if I would show you a tool in the next 5 minutes which solves your time spending and organizing problems with one-click access to your needed marketing resources?

Hi, my name is Dirk Wagner, you may have heard of me.

I´m doing online business since 2004 and have already created several tools for making the life easier for other marketers.
In late 2005 I thought about how to save my time for having access to my saved bookmarks and resources I found valuable the last two years.

At the beginning of 2005 I already created a home business toolbar but its functions were completely different to this new created toolbar.

The tools I created before always helped my customers and friends. To prove that you can take a look here for a few testimonials of satisfied people.

I don´t tell you this to brag or boast, I only mention it because I am going to talk about something very important to you and your time saving business success, and I want you to know what I tell you is true and reliable.

One of the great joys I have is helping others for a successful start on their online business, and developing personal friendships and business relationships with them.

And from these friendships, I found out what´s the problem most marketers have - no time.

Ok I don't want to bore you further on with my story since we already found out that every marketer's time is very valuable and start with the features and resources you will get at my IMO Marketing Toolbar.

What I have done is creating a toolbar with a complete arsenal of needed marketing respources, websites with marketing tools, tips and other useful things.

...This Toolbar Provides All Resources and Information You Will Need in the Future For a Successful Business.

Automated Updates are Guaranteed!
(supports only Internet Explorer - sorry Fire Fox users!)

What you can expect within this toolbar:

IMO Marketing Toolbar increases your ability to find needed Internet Marketing resources and takes only seconds to install.

When this toolbar is installed, it automatically appears within your Internet Explorer browser.

This means you can quickly and easily use this software to search for Proven Resources from within your browser.

I bet you know the following problem. The screen size becomes smaller and smaller after installing several needed toolbars. I only want to show you two examples of toolbars you surely have already installed:

You have installed the Google toolbar for checking the Google PR of other marketers websites. This is needed for i.e. choosing the right reciprocal linking partners or spying competitors websites.

Then you also have installed the Alexa toolbar for the same reasons and for checking your own marketing success. The Alexa toolbar displays the traffic ranking of your website so you can find out if you are doing the right marketing for your website.

In the next seconds you will see why you can forget those needless installations and organize your working machine like never before.

Why you never again need any other toolbar installed.

The IMO Marketing Toolbar includes the following features:

  • Search Box: You will be able to search by using Google, MSN, Yahoo, Clickbank...
  • : One click access to Alexa ranking of the current website.
  • PR: Get Google PR of the current website with one click.
  • KD: One click keyword density results of the current website.
  • : Online ActiceX Spyware Scanning - Get rid of spyware on your PC.
  • Toolbar options: Popup blocker on/off, allow Popups manually, erase cookies, clear internet cache, highlight search text...
  • Auto Update: This software will automatically update itself when I add new Resources and Topics.

These are all features you also can get more or less by installing other toolbars but now let me show you the BIG difference between all the other toolbars and mine.

You see the tag called -BizOpps- at the screen shot above. Is that right?
Here you will find only proven business opportunities. This section is important for marketers who just started their business career and need a introduction which programs are trustful.

As a special bonus I have added a PIPs (Plug-In Profit) section for members of this business program with all the needed links included.

Thenafter the extensive "directory" called -Marketing- follows. It provides hundreds of resources you need to market your business. Many useful general tools and the following sub-directories with a lot of secret tools and tips. The topics are:

  • Blogs and RSS: Provides the needed resources for this new marketing method.
  • Solo Ads: A list of proven ezine publishers for ordering your solo ads.
  • PPC: A list of Pay-Per-Click search engines which also provide cash for testing.
  • Scripts: Several script resources where you can get free and paid scripts for your business.
  • List Builders: A list of proven list building companies.
  • Downline Building Clubs: The top clubs to increase your mailing list.
  • Traffic Generation: Several programs which generate the needed traffic to your website.
  • Leads Services: All companies which provide high quality leads for your business.
  • Safelists: The greatest safelist submitter for one click promotions.
  • Hosting: Proven hosting companies and tutorials around the topic hosting.
  • Forums: Top marketing forum to promote your products / services in your signature file..

The next big "directory" is called -SEO- and is splitted in many different topics with hundreds of useful and secret resources you need to improve your business success.

This button contains sub-topics like several analyzer tools, power linking, link directories, link exchanges, SEO forums and news, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Google PR marketing, keyword marketing...and much more.

Take a look at a screenshot of one topic
to find out how extensive this toolbar is:

Let´s take a quick preview of just a few of the things you´ll get within this new marketing toolbar:

My huge arsenal of marketing resources with one-click access business starters need as well as already successful marketers.
A guide of all marketing topics a marketer needs this day to run his/her business.
Needless to search for any more bookmarks on your PC since this toolbar will be updated automatically with the latest secret marketing resources.
An organized directory of all needed resources. Save your time and start marketing your products or services.
Spy your competition, check your marketing success, increase your search engine rankings...all this with one-click access.
Get the latest marketing tips, meet other succesful marketers and use proven marketing tools with instant access.
Organize your browser by using only one toolbar. Save this space for reading the content you want to read and not for other toolbars you never again need to install.

Let me show you a few more testimonials from satisfied users:

" The IMO Toolbar will effectively simplify my marketing efforts."

Hello Dirk,

I downloaded the software and I have searched and clicked on all links. I know that toolbar software development can be extremely time consuming.

On this particular project, I think it was all worth it. If you are a beginner or a professional The IMO Toolbar will effectively simplified your marketing efforts.

Everything you need to run and maintain an Online Business from Home in one simple to use toolbar. One of the things I like most is that The IMO Toolbar will automatically update without the users having to do anything.

If you want to get the extra edge in the market – I highly recommend The IMO Toolbar.

Thank you Dirk.

You just made my marketing more fun and enjoyable!

- Joel Suarez
The Joel Suarez Marketing Group

" ...a lot of awesome resources jam-packed
into one toolbar.

Hello Dirk,

This toolbar will help maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of my online search/research.

That's alot of awesome resources jam-packed into one toolbar!

Thanks Dirk.

- Mike Mograbi

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